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Starbot is a light, melancholic rpgmaker game tribute to The Little Prince. You play as a work-in-progress robot who befriends a star, explores satellites, and fetches parts for their (v gay) engineer and mechanic. Their journey takes them through strange dream worlds and crosses paths with a cast of wistful NPCs and eccentric, slightly intimidating sloths.

Music by Angela.

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(85 total ratings)
Made withRPG Maker
TagsCute, LGBT, Pixel Art, Robots, RPG Maker, Sci-fi, Space


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this game fucks me up every time i replay it on my birthday. genuinely thank you so much


Hello! it's been years since I played this game for the first time, but I think I never write you a review: I love it.

I want you to know that Starbot gives me a soothing comfort, like a sweet stroke everytime I play it. I cry everytime but my hearts feels full of gentle, soft feelings. 

Thank you for this amazing game. Really, it's just so beautiful that don't have words to explain all this game gives me. Real thanks. I hope you are having a great time♡


I'm stuck at the Tower Satellite. I think iv done everything that there is to do here and talked to everyone, but the train conductor wont let me leave. He just says "come back soon!" and the train doors don't do anything.

SECONDS after posting that, i found the hint in the readme file. I'm unstuck now.

Glad you figured it out!

one of my all time favorite games. the entire concept has my heart <3

wow, this is genuinely humbling praise. thank you so much!! TT___TT

short, but really really nice


Late but thank you!

i remember i stumbled upon this game years ago, and now i feel like coming back to this game, will be another enjoyable walkthrough truly <3

Late but thank you so much!

Wow, that was full of Feelings™. Beautiful. Thank you so much for making this.


This game is sweet and fascinating. It's a beautiful job! I would like to ask permission to translate it to portuguese. Would you authorize me? 



Hi! Thanks for asking! Go for it!

Did you get to translate it? I was planning on doing so myself for a friend of mine who was interested in playing but doesn't speak English. If so.. could I and where could I download the translation?

Deleted post

me, sobbing abt my Lesbian Scientists and Robot Baby Boi before we even got to any sad parts. The Little Prince is one of my fav books of all time and the refrences to that made me screee too.

I absolutely loved this game. It's as great as how much I love the book, animated movie and animated series of "The Little Prince" I loved the story, even if i knew that something absolutely hearbreaking will happen. Amazing work!

Was this made in VX Ace?

Absolutely beautiful

As someone who was given the book The Little Prince when I was younger, I can say this is a really sweet tribute to it. And the depth that was added by not giving Starbot text recognition immediately was really important for the minor NPCs. Such a cute game and i have emotions to cry out now bye

I loved this game so much, it almost made me cry too...

Also made a video for it:

this was a very sweet LP! thank you for sharing ;;v;;/

Sorry  to bother you, but none of the text on the game is showing. not even on the title screen or menu.

I honestly don't know how this doesn't have a stronger fandom. This game is nnNOICe and i'm just playing it for the second time.

haha i have received a bit of fanart + one fic over time it's just been a while since i released it. also thank you!

Which RPG Maker was this made in?

RPGMaker 2003 plus RPGMaker 2009 Ultimate!

Oh wow. Looked like it was made in VX Ace to me xD

I really enjoyed this game - the dialogue is so simple but so well written. Thanks for making this :)

Whoa, I'm super late on this but thank you so much!

Such a lovely game, I really loved it! Thank you for creating such a little gem

aa thank you so much!

Cute, and this made me cry. I've never had feelings like this for a fictional star before. Much love to this game!

awww thank you so much!

I BECOME A STAR[Starbot Pt 1]


ahh this is very late i apologize but thank you!! i hope you enjoyed this game!! ^o^